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    Default Tips and Tricks for the Ultra

    Hey all! I have MIA from this site for some time but I am glad to be back now. I switched to the big V today and picked up the Ultra. I went into the store leaning toward the X, but after handling both devices and learning that the Ultra does the active notifications and ok google now to I went with the ultra. I liked the bigger screen and the way it felt in my hand and the bigger battery. It was definitely a better choice (IMO so dont beat me up LOL). Now the question I have is are there any neat tips and tricks that people have learned about the ultra? I am really enjoying it and want to get eh most out of it or help others that may have it. Thanks
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    Default Re: Tips and Tricks for the Ultra

    Anything that works on the maxx and most things from the moto x will work. Those communities are more active. Also the moto x has a bigger battery and less power hungry screen than the ultra. I know they advertise that ultra lasts longer. Just FYI
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    Default Re: Tips and Tricks for the Ultra

    the battery life on the ultra has been pretty good, plus the x is great but it has a smaller screen. So are there any other things the X has that I need to consider?
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    Default Re: Tips and Tricks for the Ultra

    This is from the X forum, commands you can say in "OK google now"

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    Default Re: Tips and Tricks for the Ultra

    hold the down volume button and the power button at the same time for about three seconds to take a screen capture

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