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    Default Weird Google Now Back Button Glitch.

    Anybody else run into the Google Now button popping up while trying to back out of an app or browser? This has been annoying me all week. I like Google Now but I want my back button to do what it's supposed to do. The long press on the home button works fine but the back button seems to bring up the Google Now option even faster than the home button. Just wondering if anyone else was having this problem.

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    Default Re: Weird Google Now Back Button Glitch.

    Yes. It's new to the last software update. I reported this issue to Motorola. I would suggest posting the issue on Motorola's forum to let them know people are seeing the problem. They changed the way the buttons work at the bottom. My theory is they are too sensitive for catching an upswipe and touching it will sometimes accidentally trigger the Google arc. If you notice, sometimes the back button doesn't seem to work. When that happens, the arc starts drawing just a little, but never finishes. It's a bit annoying.
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    Default Re: Weird Google Now Back Button Glitch.

    If you touch the screen while you're hitting the back button it will bring up the Google Now arc. You have to press lower on the button and be sure not to touch the screen.
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    Default Re: Weird Google Now Back Button Glitch.

    Got much better after I removed the case I bought for it. The case made me hit the buttons high. This phone feels so good in the hand without the case I'm just going to leave it that way. Pretty much solves the problem but I still say the arc should populate through the back button or the recent apps button.

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