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    Default Droid Ultra - Unread message notification

    On my messaging app (stock one) it shows that i have 1 unread message ( it has a little 1 over the messaging logo ) and i can't get it to go away. i have made sure that i don't have any new messages, and even deleted all my conversations but still no luck. i saw some forums where people using sg3's went to their applications settings and cleared the cache for badgeprovider, but i don't have that on my phone. i don't know if they took it out for android 4.4 or the droid ultra, but it's not there. So i am hoping that somebody else has had this issue and solved. i will reply as soon as possible to update any questions you might have for me, thanks in advance.
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    Well, my idea would be to take the icon off of the homescreen, then go into the app drawer and re-add it, it might not be an issue with badge provider so much as an issue with the icon sticking. Another thing to try would be just a reboot, as that usually refreshes all caches and such.

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    Default Re: Droid Ultra - Unread message notification

    Hi adam, I took the icon off the homescreen and when i put it back the unread message notification is still there. Then i restarted my phone and still no luck. any other suggestions?
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    Task Manger > Clear's a bug from the last update...
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    Ok, I'm tired of(edit by moderator) putting in "try this," when they don't even know if it works or have a Droid Ultra. If you don't know, don't(edit by moderator) write anything.... So here's MY solution which worked for my DROID ULTRA. Click message icon. Click bottom right for settings. Click Delete Threads. Then go to Actual message settings and mark Delivery Reports. Rrturn home and solve the problem. If its done, you can always go back and unclick Delivery Reports. Again this WORKED for me after trying other "solutions" from people who don't even have a droid ultra and pulled ideas (edit by moderator) . Hope this helps fellas
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    Default Re: Droid Ultra - Unread message notification

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