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    Default New Android Market

    Anyone else having issues with the new market? It is only showing me Youtube and Google Maps as my installed apps under the my apps button when I go into the market. Occasionally it will show me all my apps as well as ones that need updated, but thats like once a week if I am lucky. I uninstalled it to the previous version and am having the same issue at thsi point. I have tried going in under the app manager and clear data and clear cache but that hasnt fixed it. Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: New Android Market

    I am also having some issues with the new market. On the "my apps" page, it will show me that certain apps have an update available, and then when I click on the app, the app description says that I am up to date. I've also noticed that there are no long-press command menus anymore, which I find a bit annoying, as I've gotten use to installing and updating apps through those actions.

    Does anyone know if there is some way to send feedback to Google about our issues with the new market? I think some of us would like to let them know what can be improved.
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    Default Re: New Android Market

    I've found that if I have an app set to "auto update" that sometimes it will (randomly?) update the app automatically... however, it will leave the app in the list that shows it needing updates. This causes apps to show up that need updating, but are unable to be updated.

    I turned on my phone once and caught YouTube app being updated.. so I opened the marketplace My Apps page and YouTube was still listed even after it was done updating.
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    Default Re: New Android Market

    I'd kinda like to try the new market, but it hasn't been pushed to my phone yet.

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