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    Default Recent battery drainage problem - DroidX

    I have a Droid X running Android version 2.3.3. My battery run-time has gone down about 50% over the last week. I have three batteries and this drop occurs with all three. Now, I get about 6 hours of run-time per battery before I have to switch to a new battery or charge the battery in the phone. I have not changed any of my settings or added any apps in the last week. Blue-tooth, WiFi and GPS are off. The brightness on my display is set for about 30%.

    Main Battery Usage is as follows:
    com.motorola.service.ma 45%
    Phone idle 19%
    Cell standby 14%
    Display 12%
    Android OS 4%

    What could be causing this sudden decrease in battery run-time and how do I correct it?
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    I would install Badass Battery Monitor, which has some good tools to identify apps that may be causing your excessive battery drain. It helped me.

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    Default Re: Recent battery drainage problem - DroidX

    My battery lately has drained quicker as well. When I left work I would be around 30%. But now I'm at best around 10% - 15%.

    I have the VZ extended battery. I don't know if the recent update has anything to do with it.

    Completely stock. Never rooted.
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    Default Solution to the problem

    I found the culprit to my problem. When I clicked Settings>Battery & Data Manager>Battery Usage>com.motorola.service.ma, I discovered that Microsoft Exchange Services was listed as an included package of com.motorola.service.ma. I then remembered that I had recently turned on "Data Push" for my Microsoft Exchange based email. I then unchecked "Data Push" in the email settings for my Microsoft Exchange based email so that my phone used the "Data Fetch" schedule. After about 12 hours, I checked the Battery Usage settings of my phone. The.com.motorola.service.ma item went from about 45% battery usage to about 8%. My battery life returned to normal.
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    Default Re: Recent battery drainage problem - DroidX

    Figured out mine too. I had unchecked Sync over WiFi Only in data manager when I updated and forgot to recheck it.
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    Default Re: Recent battery drainage problem - DroidX

    My battery life is running about 4 hours per full charge... Usage is at voice calls 52 % ?? How can this be when the total calls in 4 hours time is 15 - 20 mins? Display 12%, ph. Idle 11%, Viber 10%, Cell standby 9%, Bluetooth 4%, WiFi 2% and Android os 2%.
    Please is there anyone out there can help me fix this excessive useage? I just installed a new battery.... !!!! Thanks for any help you can give

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