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    Default Anyone taking the X back and waiting for the Fasinate?

    Title says it all. So who is?
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    not a chance, i'll stick with my X. no wanna be iphone for me.
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    Nope. Happy with what I have. I like the build quality of the X, the UI, the accessories, it's features. Looking forward to Froyo. Best all around device I've ever had.
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    I played with the Vibrant for a week. I really wish Verizon had SIM cards so I could just switch back and forth depending on the mood I'm in
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    I returned my X but not for the Fascinate. Im waiting to see what gets updated on the X before I choose to buy it again. Too many issues with the X that I had unfortunately

    Sticking to my Inc for now till I hear good things about updates with the X
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    All 3 are super nice phones. Personally I prefered the larger screen, however the Samsung screen is really nice.
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    Default Re: Anyone taking the X back and waiting for the Fasinate?

    I've never even considered the Galaxy S line. No LED notification or flash for camera? I'll pass...

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    Default Definitely NOT

    Love the X and while the new Samsung's seem to have better looking screens, faster frame rates, and slightly better performance, I don't think I would EVER buy another Samsung phone.

    Both the wife and I have had Samsung's in the past and both were complete junk phones.
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    Why get the Facinate when you could just wait for whatever comes after that...and then for whatever comes after that...

    At some point you have to decide to get a phone and stick with it for a year or so. The X just came out 2 weeks ago. This thread makes it sound like it's old and lame already.
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    I played with the T-Mobile version and the screen is amazing but besides that I dont like Samsung devices and their UI is terrible. The X is the best android device I have owned and intend on keeping it for a while. There will be new devices coming out every month so at some point you have to pick one or go broke!
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    The .3 difference in screen really matters to me. Seriously.
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    The Samsung's are having pretty serious GPS issues. I'm currently an original Samsung Omnia user. I've lived this nightmare before. Samsung says they'll patch it, but the patch takes 1 year to arrive and doesn't work much better than it did.

    Nope... not a chance I'll own the Samsung until it is widely reported by user's that the GPS issues have been resolved.
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    Haha yea the notification light thing bugged me too. When I saw the post of that app that will put a small square on your screen to simulate a notification light I laughed because that had to be created.
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    Not a chance! I love my X....could never go back to a device with a smaller screen....I'd even consider carrying a Dell Streak around :-)
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    Really? Then when you get that what are you going to take it back for after using it for 2 weeks?

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