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    Default Like a kid at Christmas...just got the shipping notification for my DX

    Wasn't supposed to ship until the 6th.

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    Good... that means mine should be soon... When did you place order etc?
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    I ordered on the 19th
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    I am waiting for mine as patiently as possible. I really hate waiting lol.
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    Ordered 16th, shipped the 27th. Arrives tomorrow or tuesday.

    I've had to use a FLIP-PHONE for the last two weeks while I waited. xD
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    Thumbs up yep suopse to have it ship today

    ya the gods must have been shining
    i got my notification last Thursday and it showed overnight and received m x on Friday
    i ordered it on the 14th and ill tell you it has been the longest two weeks in my lifetime
    but now the wait to get froyo i had the droid 1 and had froyo and flash i do miss my flash but on the other hand love the X
    well everyone that has there X i now know what all the talk has been about
    and X is awesome
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    unlocked/rooted/stock rom


    I remember that day like it was yesterday.....congrats on your great purchase
    Nexus Prime was a better name!
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    Congrats, mine took almost a full month to get to me.
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    Just placed my order on Saturday August 28th. I hope it ships earlier then Sept 10th like the verizon store says, luckily my wife bought the droid 2 so I can play around on that a little bit (although she doesn't seem to want to put it down).
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    Gratz dude. Its one hell of a phone. Taking everything I have thrown at it so far.
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    Finally got my phone this morning, no thanks to FedEx and their insane delivery policies. Had to drive all the way across town to get it, since for some reason it was taken to their location farthest away from my house, but it was worth it.

    I have to say that I am loving this this so much better than my Blackberry it is like the difference between sex with yourself and sex with a flock of supermodels.
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    or is it a herd of supermodels?

    No, that can be right.

    Covey of supermodels?

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