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    Default New Droid X Owner With a Few Issues

    So I just got my DX on the 3rd, and I'm definitely a huge fan (coming from a Storm 2). However, I'm having a few issues, mostly those that began yesterday, and I'm hoping someone on here can help me. Some of my issues are small, but some are pretty major and are making me consider going back to BB.

    The big issue just started yesterday around 5:30 when I received a text from my GF. I'm using Chomp with the popup, and when I went to respond my phone froze. I tried turning it off and turning it back on, but all it would do was turn the screen black and do a very short and small vibe. So I had to try the old BB trick and pull the battery. Voila, it started back up again. However, after it started back up, the screen went black except for the notification bar. The phone was running, because when I would receive a text, it would pop up but everything behind it would stay black. This time, however, the phone turned off and back on with no problems. That is...until I got to work this morning. I changed my profile sound to quiet so as not to annoy my secretary all day, locked the screen and set the phone on my desk. Left to talk to a colleague for about 5-10 minutes, came back and the phone would not power up. Nothing worked. Couldn't restart it again. Had to do the whole BB trick again. It's again up and running, but I had NO issues for a week and a half, now all this is starting up and I'm getting a little worried that I got a junk X. I don't want some damn refurb, either. I thought I was over having to return phones when I switched away from BB, but I guess not.

    Can anyone help me with this? Is this a known problem? Is this something I'll either have to live with or get a replacement or pray that Froyo helps me out? I really appreciate any and all help. Everyone here has been really helpful so far.

    Also, I have two minor issues, and only revolves around Chomp. I can't get a custom tone to work for a text that I get from VZW. It's a baseball score and I have a specific tone loaded on my phone that I used on my BB and I can't get it to work. I know the tone works, too, because it plays, just not when the text comes in.

    Also, when I go through my contacts on Chomp it shows everyone in there twice. Anyone know why or how I can change it?

    Thanks to any and all that can help. I don't want to have to revert back or get a refurb for a phone that's a week and a half old.
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    I would wait until you update your DX with Froyo before you take it back. Could be a compatibility issue or the app may be glitchy.
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    I am using Handcent and am able to do all you mention in your post (without the screen blanking or locking).
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    From your description of your issues, it sounds like you may have a conflicting application not a phone issue.... My suggestion to you is backup all data and do a hard reset and leave all the 3rd party apps off for a little while and see if your issue happens again, so many don't take in consideration that ii isn't always the device that can cause lockups, software can cause issues also.
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    Default Re: New Droid X Owner With a Few Issues

    If the vzw text always comes from the same "number" try saving it as a contact and then adding the custom sound. I use Handcent instead of Chomp, but it might work.

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    Thanks for all the responses so far. Does anyone know if there are any known issues with any of these apps:

    AIM, Amazon, Angry Birds, AppBrain, Astrid Tasks, Barcode Scanner, ChompSMS, DirecTV, eBay, Facebook, Yahoo Fantasy Football, gReader, Handcent, IMDB, Jorte, K-9 Mail, NFL Mobile, Note Everything, Pandora, Paper Toss, Poynt, Profiles, ESPN ScoreCenter, Twitter and Weatherbug?

    I know that's a hefty list, but that's what I have installed on my phone.

    Again, thanks for the replies.
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    Like others have said, your problems seem to revolve around text messages and chomp sms is an app for text messages. You could try another text messaging app or the default app and see if any problems remain after uninstalling chomp sms. It is certainly possible for an app to mess with your phone. I know angry birds has killed my phone several times because it is still in beta.
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    Thanks again to everyone that responded. I'm not planning on taking this thing back now. I'm going to delete some stuff off of the phone and see if I still have any issues.

    I do have a couple more questions, if anyone might know. I could be crazy, but I swear everytime I answer my phone, I have to turn the speaker volume up. Is there anywhere I can set the default speaker volume? I've looked, and don't know if it's right under my nose or what, but I can't seem to find anything.

    Also, saw on the poll yesterday about rebooting your phone. Is there an option where a reboot can be included in the list that shows up when you hold down the power button? Mine shows "silent mode", "airplane mode", and "power off." In the poll, the picture had those three and a "reboot" option. How can I get that included? Or is that only an HTC thing or just a Froyo thing?
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    I am in agreement with others. Remove chomp, it does seem likely to be the problem.

    As for the others on the list I haven't heard of any issues.

    The double number thing could be caused by either facebook sync, or I have had an issue with gmail contacts doubling up. Best fix for this is checking your gmail contacts and removing doubles. The FB fix will be to link accounts in your contact list.
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    AIM, Angry Birds, Facebook, Paper Toss, Poynt, and Twitter all have worked well on my phone so far. I have 2 friends who ditched Weatherbug because of constant issues.

    TiKL is a pretty cool app that simulates Nextel Direct Connect. I have a small group of friends using it pretty actively and the list keeps growing.
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