1. JetJock79's Avatar
    Hey everyone.......Been trying all week to solve this issue. Can't get rid of the voicemail notification icon in the notification bar. Tried calling voicemail several times and "logging" off....and it didn't clear. Tried turning the phone on and off.....did battery pulls......cleared cache, etc. Any tricks to getting rid of this....haven't had anyone leave me voicemail since that last time, so don't know if that would do the trick......but would like to get rid of it before then. Thanks for any help you can give!
    11-22-2010 08:06 PM
  2. sicario666's Avatar
    The only thing that works for me is actually deleting the VM from your inbox. As soon as you end the call. The notification should go away.
    11-23-2010 07:54 AM
  3. JetJock79's Avatar
    Ive done that like ten times already in numerous occasions and still nothing. Is this a 2.2 issue or just my phone?
    11-23-2010 07:58 AM
  4. jeffnucci's Avatar
    Are you using any kind of VVM? Whether it's Verizon's or 3rd party...
    11-23-2010 07:45 PM
  5. JetJock79's Avatar
    No....don't use VVM app of any kind. If I were to touch on the icon...it just directs me to my phone and dials voicemail......just feel as if it is a notification that won't clear. How could I see if it is a Verizon deal trying to push their VVM?
    11-24-2010 10:05 AM
  6. Jihoonie's Avatar
    I had the same issue with my Samsung Epic 4G (which I returned, now running on a Droid X with verizon).

    Are you roaming by any chance? That is what caused my problem and the VM icon disappeared when I entered back into the network.

    If that's not it, something a customer service rep had me do (to no avail, but maybe it'll work for you) was leave myself a message from a different phone and then check & delete VM.
    11-24-2010 11:38 AM
  7. JetJock79's Avatar
    Not roaming but i tried to update my roaming capabilities,.....sent myself a voicemail from another phone, deleted that voicemail, and BANG....it worked! Thanks for all the help everyone......still think Android is the best....LOVE my X!
    11-24-2010 07:51 PM