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    Default Looks like I'll need to get rid of my Droid X

    My company sent out a note stating that all smartphones will need a Security Policy that requires encryption and at the moment android does not support this. They're going to shut off access to email in 2011 for android phones.

    I'm guessing that if I were to sell my droidx now (or within a few months), I'd be able to get around 200 - 250. Is that a fair assessment. That will offset the ETF if I have to get an iPhone. My company supports iPhones and BlackBerries but I'll not get one those (BB I mean).

    I may take the wait and see attitude, since I only 6 months left on my contract, but I cannot afford to lose access to my emails.

    I am running touchdown which says they support encryption but I'm thinking that my company will see my android phone (regardless of what app I'm using) and not allow email access.
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    Not sure if your company allows this but my company is the same way. But we are able to receive emails but not send them. There is a work around to use gmail to send emails.

    Might be worth a try before selling it.
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    The verbiage is such that no access.

    I work for a hospital and the need to ensure data security is a high priority, so this email is not a complete surprise
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    i'm guessing that you write off your cell phone expenses? why offset the costs if you can just write it off. Are you required to have email on your personal phone? if you are, they should cover the cost of any changes you need to make to accommodate their policy
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    Get your company to buy the blackberry if they want you to be always connected to work email.
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    My company is fine with TouchDown despite reasonably strict external security policies - they need to grant the certs and permissions to access corporate email so it's not like I can configure the default client to access things. It's certainly worth investigating to see if that's a viable solution.

    Even still, I choose to keep a second line (my D2G) for company use, mixing work and personal stuff is generally a bad idea. If I were in your position it would be a no brainer - personal X and whatever replaced the BB Tour on Verizon for corporate use. The latter is just an email machine, it's not like it needs to be fun.
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    alot of companys are doing it, alot!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdbower View Post
    If I were in your position it would be a no brainer - personal X and whatever replaced the BB Tour on Verizon for corporate use. The latter is just an email machine, it's not like it needs to be fun.
    The problem is, that I don't want two phones and last year my company put a stop to subsidizing crackberries. You need to be a high up for the company to pay for phones. For my job, I take care of servers and its important to have 24x7 email support as the I rely on monitoring software to email me when a server goes south.

    A catch 22, I need mobile email access, but the hospital because of money/budget woes cut that out. I guess removing these benefits was better then laying people off and that's what happened. They were able to cut back on expenses like this to save people's jobs.
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    My company has some of the same security requirements. To get around this we use a a self contained app on android and iPhones. Good Mobile Messaging solved this problem for us.
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    I really don't want to get around this, either because, my email may suddenly stop working or risking my job because of this. Its not worth it to me.
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    I was able to sell a used X with cosmetic damage on craigslist for $330
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    TouchDown is a viable option.
    It support on device encryption in a private area.
    My company has policies set for password and encryption and Touchdown talks just fine.
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    No need for a new phone, just new job

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    So much android hate... my college is the same way for some reason.

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