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    Angry Wont play videos I recorded on my phone

    Okay so videos the I record on my phone will not play it has done this several time and usually after a battery and SD card pull it works but not this time. Any suggestions?
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    Could be the card. Backup the card and reformat it or try a new card.
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    I just had an issue where my gallery/music files weren't being read on my SD Card, just backed up the files to my computer and format the SD. Copied everything back to the phone; good as new
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    See this thread


    I think it is an issue with the class of the SD card. Some DX come with class 2 cards. Mine has a class 2 card and occasionally won't let me view video I've taken with the DX. It says the file is corrupted.

    This ONLY happens with HD video, which obviously requires a higher class card to have sufficient write speed for the HD video.

    I had a call out to Motorola regarding this, but got busy at the end of the year and never followed through.
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    Default Re: Wont play videos I recorded on my phone

    I changed my video from HD 720P to VGA and the video played back fine. Will try the HD again when I get a better SD card.

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