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    Default Totally lost need help.

    I installed the unofficial gingerbread release for my DroidX and now I would like to get the official one but i'm having trouble finding a solid thread that shows me how to do this, when it comes to android I have no idea what I am doing is there anyone willing to give me a hand out there?

    I found a few with guides and all but they don't seem to work I can't get RSD Lite to recognize my phone and I don't have the option for it to run as administrator on windows vista.

    As far as the technical terms and abreviations that I need to know I also am clueless. I just want to run the official because the one im running now is acting funny and I would like an official release to hopefully aleviate some of these problems.

    Any help is greatly appreciated
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    Stock Gingerbread


    This is the thread where I went back and forth with my own issue. http://forum.androidcentral.com/moto...ate-fails.html

    I ended up doing an SBF for the first time to get back to Froyo and then the update installed the first time. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of the members on Android Central.

    Good luck.
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    Alright thanks for the help, i'm trying to get RSD Lite to install on my laptop right now and i'm going to give that a shot again if not i'm out of ideas...

    UPDATE: I finally got RSD Lite working on the laptop i'm install the factory froyo skb on it right now and will just do the ota update for gingerbread hopefully it all works! Thanks for the help guys!

    Is it possible to change themes I noticed that people are posting pictures of their screens and are totally different if so is there any good websites recommended for them?
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    Well I installed the sbk file and now my phone doesn't do anything but show the main loading screen. this is silly.
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    Finally got it working did a factory reset after I installed the sbk file for gingerbread

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    If you take the OTA update, you will not be able to root (yet) and thus not be able to theme. Some home replacements theme but that just mostly for icons.

    If you want to install themes such as Apex, Liberty etc., you will have to be rooted. If you want to manually update your phone follow the guide on the above post (relinked below)

    Official DX Gingerbread 2.3.3 (4.5.596) Release Thread - Something for everyone
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    Here is how i updated- from stock Froyo- root with z4.
    Download D2bootstrapper from market.
    Download 2 file method for gingerbread from that above link.
    Rename files so you can see part 1 or 2 near beginning of name.
    Place files on sd card.
    Run d2bootstrapper- click Bootstrap recovery- when says success click reboot recovery
    When in recovery mode- use volume keys scroll to install zip from sd- press camera to select.
    Scroll again to install zip from sd and select
    Install part 1.
    Install part 2 before rebooting.
    then reboot system.
    ... hope that helps you
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    Well its already done but thanks for the help and quick responds

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