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    Default Icons on home screens change on reboot

    It seems like everytime I reboot my phone some of the icons on my home screens go to a default folder with a gear in the middle of it..

    The only way I have found to fix it is to remove them and replace them from the app drawer with the right ones..
    The programs still work with a "system folder" but doesn't look good..

    I have also added 2 gmail labels on my home screen and labeled them the 2 different gmail accounts.
    Also when I reboot the phone the labels change to gmail and not what they were named.
    I have to do the same as above to change them back as there is no way for me to rename them..

    HMM, anyone else having this issue??
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    Happens to me too. Skype, ebuddy, pulse news, and Pandora shortcuts disappear after reboot.

    As an experiment, I pulled ebuddy off the SD card and rebooted. The shortcut survived this time. Will try with the others...

    Luck to you
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    I've had the same problem. Everytime i reboot my phone it changes certain icons but i did find out it only changed the icons that were saved on the SD card. Not a huge deal but still very annoying. Wish there was a quick fix for that that still allowed me to save the apps to the SD card.

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