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    Default Stock broswer crashing in 2.2

    I have searched the forums and don't see anyone else with this problem so I thought I'd post this before doing a factory reset.

    Since forcing the update to 2.2, my browser has been crashing. Sometimes it will be on certain sites, but most often it happens when I try to do a search with the search button on the bottom right. I will begin to type in my search and the browser will disappear and I'm back to my home screen. It happened when I first got 2.2 and I did a few battery pulls and it seemed to go away. Just yesterday it came back.

    I have since gone to DolphinHD and while it also crashed once, it seems more stable.

    Anyone else have this experience and/or a fix?
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    I had multuple force closes. Mine seemed only to occur with a popup text field in conjunction with screen keyboard. It was very consistant with Android Centrals search window. I was able to use search when I opened the physical keyboard before selecting search.
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    FWIW, I've been on 2.2 for quite a while now and I've not had any issues with the stock browser at all.
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    Two other glitches. The browser will white out, like its gonna crash, while loading banner ads on a web page. It also zooms in and out while I'm trying to scroll and pan. Which I'm assuming is because of pinch zoom.
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    I had a few abrupt closes/crashes today.. reason: FLASH beta. If you're running the flash beta APK, you might want to switch it (in your settings) to "on Demand".

    After I made that change, the crashes abruptly stopped.
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    Default Re: Crashing

    After looking into it further, it doesn't crash just in the browser. If I pull up either the search from the search button (bottom right) or if I use the search box widget, it will crash as soon as I put in any letter from the keyboard. It happens with the virtual or the physical keyboard. As soon as it begins to poll the system for apps that begin with the letter or contacts, it will crash.
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    Factory clean didn't help. Must be a bug in the 2.2 that I force updated to. I am using build # FRG01B and the kernal version is:
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    Default Workaround for search crash

    I found that if you disable the setting for "Show web suggestions" this no longer happens (Settings/Search/Google Search/Show web suggestions). No clue why it's happening and it doesn't seem to be happening to anyone else.
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    Anyone noticing issues when loading a page, at first load, the page will not allow you to scroll up/down, left/right until you zoom in? I have this happen when accessing an outlook lite web client and some random pages of news. Stock browser, 2.2, no flash...
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    My browser was acting wonky a couple days ago; pinch zoom kept making the page zoom in/out continuously, when rendering a page the window will black out l FC but then pop back up. I uninstalled Flash thinking that could have something to do with all this as well...no such luck. I'm wondering if this is grounds for a warranty replacement.

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