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    Default Droid wont power on at all

    last nite my droid suddenly went off..with a 75% battery i left the bar and came home plugged it in to my computer via the usb computer didnt recognize it, the charge light on the side comes on, not the charging light but like the light where the charger is there it still getting power to it, i am not sure what to do i doubt i have a warranty on it because i bought it from someone that worked at verizon...i want to go out to verizon and try to convince them to give me a new one but i am afraid if they dont i am going to lose it..i do not have any other phone to use and i have a 5 month old daughter to take care of...any suggestions on why this happend or what i can do...would i be able to send it in to motorola for a fix? i mean just because i bought it second hand doesnt mean i should not be available for a fix, i pay for my service just like everyone else...any help is appreciated
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    I would suggest taking the battery out for a few minutes...put it back in and then try to turn it back on. There are many threads in the forum about issues with phone turning off and not turning back on and you may want to search them. One common issue was with the SD card not being mounted/unmounted properly when connecting to your computer. Good luck.
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    this morning my droids battery was dead so I plugged it into the computer and it would not power on, so I plugged it into the wall charger and it power up just fine, give that a try

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