Ok, before you tell me to turn off media on my bluetooth connection, let me say I use my phone to listen to Audible 90% of the time, rest of the time I use iHeartRadio or AmazonMP3. But every time I get into my Ford Sync equipped car my phone starts up the default music app and starts playing.

As I said, 90+% of the time I don't want that. As if that weren't annoying enough, when I exit my car after listening to music, my phone will begin blaring music from my pocket randomly as I walk away.

I'm getting tired of this "feature." This happened on the stock ROM and now I am running gingerbread (Starship) and it's still happening. The only fix I have found is to freeze the default player, using Titanium. However, the default player is Google Music which I occasionally use. Freezing it will keep me from being able to access it. Not a viable solution.

Any ideas?

Motorola Triumph, Android ver. 2.3.7 Mod ver. Starship_Triumph build The_Final_Voyage