Hello, I bought a XOOM for development recently and i'm experiencing a problem that possibly only effects devs. But i'm not sure if it is caused by my XOOM being defective or if it is impacting all WIFI only Xooms

Here's how i can replicate the issue.
If you take your xoom and plug it into a PC via the USB cable and then lay the xoom on a desk and touch the screen it will not respond to ANY touch events (any app) but if you take your other hand and touch the metal back /sides of the xoom it will respond to the touch events.....

if you unplug the USB and lay the XOOM on a desk and do not touch the back it will respond to touch events so its only when its on USB & your not grounded out with the back of the metal part of the xoom.

Is any one else seeing this or am I alone ?
This is a rather annoying little bug that makes debugging a pain