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    Default The "always" Way

    I have a Xoom WiFi. I was going to stream audio from wpr.org. The selections included two MP3 options and Windows media player. I selected one of the MP3 options and got a new screen. I could select "Music" or "Video." Either while not thinking (somes happens!!) or "selecting" while trying to "flick" (still haven't quite got the technique mastered), I selected "Video." Then, thinking I didn't want to go through the process each time, I selected "always" rather than "once" (the BEST option!!). Now, of course, I always get "Video player" and the error "Can not play this video."

    How do I "go back" so I can un-select "Video"? I've tried all the "tricks" of trying to clear the app, downloaded the Store version of iTunes, etc., etc. For the apps route, I can not find "video player" among my apps, so I can't clear it!! The Store iTunes doesn't seem to want to work, either, and I think it is an app for downloading tunes, not playing them.

    Anyone have a solution for getting back to my earlier status so I can select the proper method to stream from wpr.org?

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: The "always" Way

    You can change the associated app for each action:

    Settings > App Associations > you'll see various options (email address, web URLS, etc) -- there should be 2 or 3 options for:
    Streaming Link, Online audio download by webview, Online video download by weview... each of these has a dropdown button -- hit the button and you are prompted to select what app you want to use.

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