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    Unhappy Guys i really need help with this =(

    This is my second time installing a custom ROM on my phone. I downloaded Cyanogen 2.0.3 (i think thats the latest one) and after i do the back up (Rom Manager), i get the Cyanogen animation and nothing happens after that. It stays like that. I tried doing the factory reset (after taking the battery out and turning the power on + volume down) but it doesnt let me. It says

    Parsing...[SD ZIP]
    [1] RADIO_V2
    Do you want to start update?

    If i click yes, it does it and then it goes back to the cyanogen animation. If i click no then the only option it gives me is to reboot and it goes back to the animation too!!! =(

    I think its because i might not have cleared and wipe the data before intalling....

    What should i do???? Please help!

    Thanks in advance
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    I fixed it. I had to take the SD Card out then it let me get to the factory reset. I did it and now is working fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luismi View Post
    I fixed it. I had to take the SD Card out then it let me get to the factory reset. I did it and now is working fine.
    Glad you got it working. By to answer the question as to why. Youhad a file named PD15IMG on your SD card. Delete that file and you'll be good to go.

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    Thanks for replying!

    I'm completely new to all this stuff so i don't know much about this. If Im not wrong, I think I read some where that I need that file just in case I want to unroot or go back to custom Rom or something like that...? Is that right? Do I need that file at all?
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    You can always store it on your computer and put it back on the SD if you do need it. I'm not sure if you do or not, though.
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    I guess....

    Thanks for the info

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