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    Default getting the N4, and need a help figuring out which case/screen protector(s) to buy

    Hi all,

    I am now ordering the Nexus 4 from the US. I just wanted to note - this is my first smartphone (so I want it to stay nice as long as I can keep it nice, while me being pretty much careless with electronics).

    So I need your help with:
    1. I want a case which protect my phone, but doing it while staying as minimal as it can be, means - keeps the natural looks of the phone + dosn't makes the phone too lumpy (I guess the 4"7 screen for itself is enough to make the carrying of it a bit of a nuisance) .
    2. I guess a bumper + screen protectors are the way to go if you want to keep it minimal, but I wonder - will it be protective enough ?
    3. as for the screen protectors? Do I need them to cover the gorilla glass, or the gorilla is safe enough?
    4. if you do recommend using a screen protectors, which one do you recommend? (I think I read there is a HD version of the screen protectors, do I need those).
    5. I guess I am asking what is the best packaged of accessories to order, so my phone be safe and pretty to use.

    So, as you can see, I am a confuse consumer in a urgent need,
    I appreciate it (and apologise for the lame english),
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    Default Re: getting the N4, and need a help figuring out which case/screen protector(s) to buy

    I currently use The Ringke Fusion. It adds very little bulk and shows off the fancy back of the N4.
    I also have a couple of the Cruzerlite TPU cases. Also add minimal bulk while adding a little style.
    Lastly I have used Seidio Active cases for other phones. Great protection, but bulkier than I care to carry.
    All of these add decent protection from regular wear and tear. I wouldn't trust any of them in a drop. I find a minimal case and treating my $300 investment like a $300 investment rather than a toy is plenty of protection.
    As for screen protectors... I've never used one. The glass fronts are very durable. Even my old gen 1 iPhone held up to living in my pocket with my car keys for 4 years without any significant damage.
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    Default Re: getting the N4, and need a help figuring out which case/screen protector(s) to buy

    I bought a Diztronic Matte Back Translucent Smoke Flexible TPU Case from Amazon. The Orb charger works with it and it adds very little bulk to the Nexus.

    I also purchased an Amzer AMZ95268 Shellster Holster Combo Case Cover from Amazon. I threw away the shell as all I wanted was the holster. The Nexus with the Diztronic skin fits snugly into the Amzer holster.


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