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    Default Cheap but goog quality ear set?

    I look at Amazon but can not find anything decent less than 15 bucks

    Ebay has no customer review so who knows what the quality is

    So any advise?
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    Default Re: Cheap but goog quality ear set?

    Plenty of decent inexpensive ones at Walmart. Maxel, JVC and a Sony for under $15.

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    Default Re: Cheap but goog quality ear set?

    I have a few sets of these that I use for my phone and tablet: Premium Blackberry OEM Original 3.5mm Stereo Headset HDW-15766-005 for RIM BlackBerry 8900 Curve, Storm 9530, Pearl Flip 8220, 8300 Curve Cell Phone: Cell Phones & Accessories
    They work really well and have deeper bass than the LG ones that came out for the Nexus last month (I own those as well).
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    Default Re: Cheap but goog quality ear set?

    JVC HAFX1X, great quality! Here is my review:

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    Default Re: Cheap but goog quality ear set?

    I'm using "Koss 'The Plug' In-Ear Headphones (Black)" ; Yeah sure, they look and are big but the sound is amazing, also they are a tight fit: the foam seals off the outside world (I never noticed the crying baby next to me on the subway... no it was not my child ) .
    Negative side: the build quality may not be the best but since the price is not that high (did I mention already that the sound is superb?) I bought some more over the years.

    You might wanna give it a try, @misterno123

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