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    Default LG QuickCover

    Has anyone here got this case, if so could you give your opinions on it please, really thinking of getting one

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    Default Re: LG QuickCover

    Me too, but $50 plus shipping is an awful lot for a case. Then there's the LG logo on the back. Not a fan.
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    yeahh imma get it for 35 plus 1.99 for shipping which is still alot but I really want this case as I like my phone without a case most of the time, but when i do want a case on it at particular situations, I want this case on it seeing as it does a good job, covering both front and back and having the smart feature and probably fits perfectly and has good build quality(feel)
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    I've been using it for a week so far, and have really enjoyed it. I normally go naked on my previous phones, but decided I would cover this one. I really enjoy the screen turning on and off when opening and closing the cover.

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    its a very slim fitting case and doesnt add very much bulk while giving it some all around protection. it won't protect from drops very well, but it protects from scuffs. Cutouts for the power button, mic and headphone jack are very precise. The hinge for the flap seems durable and looks like it will hold up to a lot of opening and closing.

    quite unsure if it's worth $50 though.
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    Thanks guys, ordered mine on mobile, same price of 35 but doesn't charge 10 just for delivery like Google but rather a nice 2, sold out right now as it was extremely popular, think it sold out in 1 day, but yeah as soon as it comes in stock they're gna send one over to me, can't wait

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