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    Default Meenova microSD card reader

    So I got one of the Meenova microSD card readers, and I am finding it works pretty well. I have a 16GB Nexus 5 so don't really have alot of room for media, and I have a very large offline collection of video and music files, and needed some way to use them with the phone without using up my app space. The Meenova fit the bill.

    The unit comes with a USB interface that essentially turns your microSD into a USB flash drive. It also comes with a keychain latch so that you can keep the unit on your keychain, and simply pop it in when you need it. It is quite small and doesn't protrude to the point that the phone is difficult to handle. Much better than an OTG with a cable.

    I am using Nexus Media Importer since I am not rooted, and am using a 32GB card in it. The website says that if you are rooted you can use StickMount and access SDXC 64GB cards. My 64GB card wouldn't work with Nexus Media Importer as is, as it only supports FAT32 and not exFAT. That's a software issue, though, not a hardware issue.

    This little unit solves a big problem for me and gives me at least a reasonably sized media library on the go that I can't have due to the phone's limitations. I can now carry a dozen or so HD movies along with a pretty decent music library and not eat into the phone's storage at all. For the price you can't lose; it is possibly the best $12 I ever spent.

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    Default Re: Meenova microSD card reader

    I have a Meenova as well. Very nice little uSD card reader. Thanks for your thoughts on it.
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