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    Default what's your choice?

    In getting my official flip case on the mail... What does everyone else have?

    From mah shiny new Nexus 5
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    Default Re: what's your choice?

    Nothing but a Screen Protector?
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    Default Re: what's your choice?

    First thing I bought was a Spigen screen protector, it was more expensive than most but I knew they made good screen protectors and I wasnt disapointed, only one cut out for speaker and great fit means it is pretty much unooticable.

    I then bought an official Google Bumper in grey, it started to discolour around the edges on day 2 so I asked for a refund, it is a nice case but not worth the money and seems only the black colour is useable and I think it ads a little too much bulk given there is tons of other black options, the official case's biggest selling points to me were the colours..shame.

    Given Spigen did a good job with the screen protector I thought I would try their Ultra Fit hasnt arrived yet, but it seems to have been reviewed well and looks pretty much like the back of the nexus minus the logo and is thin...hope it works out...although at least this one was only 7.
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    Default Re: what's your choice?

    I have no screen protector (I'll trust Gorilla Glass 3). I have the light gray official bumper, Rearth Ringke Slim, Spigen Hybrid Neo and Spigen Slim Armor. They're all useful, fit well, and I would recommend any of them.
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    Default Re: what's your choice?

    I have a Spigen Slim Armor I like, but for the Wintertime, where I have been known to test gravity I prefer to use my Ballistic Case.
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    Default Re: what's your choice?

    Spigen case and screen protector for me. Both have been great and have been extremely satisfied with the products since I got the device.

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    Default Re: what's your choice?

    Ballistic case when I am out of the house, caseless when I am home.

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    Default Re: what's your choice?

    Ballistic SG case and for screen protector I have an XtremeGuard.
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    Default Re: what's your choice?

    I'm loving the original Bumper Case in black

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