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    Default LG QuickCover users?

    Any feedback from someone who's used it? How is it overall? Does it fit in your pocket?
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    Default Re: LG QuickCover users?

    Yes it fits in your pocket. If the Nexus 5 fits in your pocket...well you get where I am going with this.
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    Default Re: LG QuickCover users?

    It's pretty much the same size at the Nexus 5...I don't get the question.

    Very slim case, nice feel over all. A few minor concerns: I feel like I over paid and I wish it said "Nexus. I also wish there was a magnet on the right side, it's occasionally annoying that the cover doesn't stay closed on its own. Sometimes lint or other junk gets stuck between the flip cover and the screen - this results in it getting mashed between the two and making for a smeary screen - exactly the situation I was trying to avoid with the quick cover in the first place. That's annoying. If you tend to hold the phone like I do, with your little finger curled underneath for support, you'll be annoyed by the fact that the case has sharp edges on the bottom.

    Otherwise, it's a really nice case. Well made, holds the phone well, feels nice in my hand. The flip cover takes some getting used to, but I'd say give it two week of use before you judge it, you'll forget you ever used the phone without it. Once you do, you'll love it.
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