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    Default Nexus 5 - Question about kernels and the screen

    So has anyone tweaked the color calibration using a kernel such as the franco kernel? I've played with the N5 quite a few times and felt like the black levels were really bad for a new LCD screen, especially compared to the G2 and the latest iPhone. I know that Nexus 4 owners have had great results with adjusting the screen using a different kernel, and say that blacks can get very deep.

    My concern is whether it is capable of being that dark, considering the screen itself when powered off doesn't look as dark as the screen on the G2 or iPhone 5, which almost completely blend in with their black bezels.

    That's really the only question I have since I know that colors can be saturated and unsaturated fairly easily.

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    Default Re: Nexus 5 - Question about kernels and the screen

    Knowing the history of Franco and his kernels, if there is a tweak or tweaks in the works to adjust screen colors he will incorporate it into his kernels.
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    Default Re: Nexus 5 - Question about kernels and the screen

    The Obsanity tweak on my Nexus 4 makes my screen POP since default looked ugly. Yeah Franco kernel using the Obsanity colour profile or GalaxyS4 will make that beautiful 1080P display pop.

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