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    Default Device recognized in adb until Recovery, then no devices found

    I have been searching for days for help.
    Have all the latest SDK and Google drivers downloaded
    Running Windows 7 64bit

    In the command terminal "adb devices" shows my device when its plugged in, on the home screen.
    I reboot the Nexus5 into recovery. choose Updated from adb sideload
    My phone says "send the package..."
    In the coommand terminal on the computer, while my nexus is in recovery, I type "adb devices" and it lists nothing.
    I type "adb sideload" (with the update in the platform-tools folder) and it says "can not read


    If this is a repost please post the help like. Searched google and here with no help.
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    Default Re: Device recognized in adb until Recovery, then no devices found

    install the Universal Naked Driver - it will work then

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