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    Default [ROM] |★SCIMITAR★| |LINARO 4.8| |12/25/13| |4.4.2_r1| |KOT49H|


    Scimitar ROM is a ROM which is meant to be lightning fast, battery friendly, and have customization options. It most certainty doesn't disappoint. It is based on Rascalo's source with the main difference being that it's built from Linaro with few customization here and there.

    To all of you!

    Installation (TWRP Recommended):
    1) Create a Backup
    2) Factory Reset
    3) Flash ROM
    4) Enjoy!

    To Upgrade:
    1) Wipe Cache and Dalvik
    2) Flash ROM
    3) Reboot
    5) Enjoy!

    If you really like this ROM, consider donating to this 16 year old lad. No, he doesn't get high off of drugs, but rather off of Android. I will never ask for donations other than in this post and it won't affect how much time I put into this ROM, but it will make me with my ideal family: Me, my laptop, and a Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino.

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    Default Re: [ROM] |★SCIMITAR★| |LINARO 4.8| |12/20/13| |4.4.2_r1| |KOT49H|

    Cool. Thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: [ROM] |★SCIMITAR★| |LINARO 4.8| |12/25/13| |4.4.2_r1| |KOT49H|

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    Default Re: [ROM] |★SCIMITAR★| |LINARO 4.8| |12/25/13| |4.4.2_r1| |KOT49H|

    Quote Originally Posted by lethalgorman View Post
    Under downloads

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