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    Default Excessive Mic Noise

    I'm noticing an issue with my recorded videos... it seems there is quite a bit of noise when in quiet environments.

    Here's some examples

    Quiet Environment (bathroom was best at the time)
    (very audible hiss)

    Noisy Environment
    (I don't hear as much)

    Quiet Environment (TERRIBLE noise)

    Does anyone else have these issues?

    PS: I just noticed I posted in the wrong section, if a mod could move this post that would be helpful.
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    Default Re: Excessive Mic Noise

    Have you tried lowering the volume while recording?
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    Default Re: Excessive Mic Noise

    The volume? There's no sound coming from the speaker... I'm not sure how this would have any effect

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    Default Re: Excessive Mic Noise

    Quote Originally Posted by Monsieur99 View Post
    From what I heard there has been some issues with Nexus 5 and the mic and also low headset volume, I think they started a forum thread somewhere for it. I think the latest update from Google improved it ?

    Yes, people are reporting those issues. Though, I don't think that's what the OP has an issue with.

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