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    Default issue with su update

    So here is the dilemma.. I have a nexus 5 and had a popup saying superuser needed to be updated however when I click to update I get the below popup

    The Superuser binary (su) must be updated.

    Please choose an installation method.
    Recovery mode installation is recommended for HTC devices.

    I get recovery install and cancel as my two options which doesn't make much sense as this isn't a HTC device.

    Can anyone steer me in the right direction so I can fix up whatever went wrong and update su please
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    Default Re: issue with su update

    I had that issue before on my HTC EVO LTE, not sure why it would come up on a Nexus 5.. I have one too. What worked for me before is reflashing the zip file for my superuser in recovery, not sure which one you use, but that's how I got the binary or whatever updated.

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    Default Re: issue with su update

    Welcome to Android Central
    To use the recovery mode option, you need to have root access on in developer options. Turn it on for apps and ADB. Then restart SU and try it again

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    Default Re: issue with su update

    You should be able to update SU through the Play Store. If not, then check the App for away to update it. Which SU version is it?

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