1. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Anyone thinking of picking up a Nokia 6?
    03-01-2017 08:16 AM
  2. Matty's Avatar
    Hmm, ill have to first see if my carrier.. um.. carries it. This could potentially be a nice present for my father. He used to own the good old 3310 and if I gave him a new Nokia. He may just love it. It's got some good specs where it's needed.

    Just have to see what local pricing is. But so far, fairly interested. Let's see what happens.

    A droid a day keeps the Apple away
    03-01-2017 01:56 PM
  3. Guytronic's Avatar
    Thought about it for a second.
    Beefier specs would be nice though.
    03-01-2017 01:59 PM
  4. jeetu4444's Avatar
    Buying 1 for sure when launched in India..
    03-01-2017 05:37 PM
  5. hasasimo's Avatar
    The build quality on these three new Nokia Android devices seems absolutely stellar by all accounts. Thick, sturdy, Series 6 aluminum. Definitely seems as if they use more of it than other OEMs that favor aluminum.

    Happy with my black pearl S7 Edge for now, and skipping the S8. I can see my next flagship being purchased around the holiday season, and it being either the Note 8 or whatever the name of Nokia's flagship offering will be.

    These are pretty much the Nokia Nexus devices we all dreamed of, considering they're basically running stock Android.
    03-02-2017 01:13 PM
  6. skipatrol's Avatar
    I'm 99.9% that I'm in for one... Most likely the 4gb ram version.
    03-05-2017 09:55 AM
  7. HGTan's Avatar
    Already bought a Nokia 6 China version.
    No preinstalled Google Play Service.
    Manual installation not working.

    Other than no Google Play Service, I love the phone.
    03-08-2017 03:27 AM
  8. badcat's Avatar
    I am definitely thinking about it. Nokia's statement about providing timely security updates has caught my eye. I like Motorola phones but their update policy stinks. Part of that may be on Verizon without a doubt. No more carrier locked phones for me.

    What I'm looking for is a continuation of the Nexus line which means we have to look elsewhere now the Google has abondend the mid-range.

    I've had a couple of Nokia's Windows phones and they were good solid devices.

    Edit: Well it seems like these won't work on Verizon so I may be back to the G5 Plus.
    03-18-2017 05:46 AM
  9. huungryshark's Avatar
    Yeah , when i get hands on one here in Germany
    04-01-2017 01:34 PM
  10. Hobson123's Avatar
    They look pretty good will definitely consider as a work phone along side my daily driver.
    04-21-2017 03:22 AM

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