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    Default Getting/transferring music to xperia ion

    Hope someone can help me......I just got the Xperia Ion yesterday. I have no experience with a smart phone and am not technology savvy. I have an Ipod Nano (the original one) and still have difficulty transfering music from itunes to it. How do I get music on the Xperia Ion? Is there a certain app that I should use? I'm guessing Itunes won't work since it's not an Apple product?? I'd like to transfer some of the songs on my ipod to the xperia.

    Any other advice or recommendations would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Getting/transferring music to xperia ion

    I just got an Ion myself from Ebay, congrats! I'm in the same boat about transferring my iTunes collection. I've heard a lot of people recommend DoubleTwist to transfer their iTunes collection to their Android. I've also heard WinAmp does a good job as well. Feel free to share any tips with another Ion newbie

    PS: I'd highly recommend reading this, a lot of really helpful tips and tricks!

    Getting Started with Android - Tips and Tricks
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    Default Re: Getting/transferring music to xperia ion

    Sony has an app for this. Get it from their website. Double twist is worthless compared to the Sony app, which basically functions as iTunes for their devices. It's much better than the Samsung or HTC equivalents, too.

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    Default Re: Getting/transferring music to xperia ion

    I purchased iSyncr WiFi/USB for Windows, works well with iTunes also allows you to reverse-sync your videos and pictures from your phone to your PC. There are other free iTunes Sync apps out there, I paid the $3 for iSyncr because I felt it worked the best.


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