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    Default Starpad 7 bricked after factory reset [android 4.0.3]

    I factory reset my Cambridge sciences starpad 7 last night, and after about an hour of waiting for it to boot again, it just sat there, so i hard reset.

    Ever since then, i haven't been able to start my tablet, as it just sits there on the final stage of the boot spash screen.

    No factory images are avaliable for me to restore it on, and it's not booting into recovery mode either.

    I'm trying to contact cambridge sciences, with no avail, and i need this tablet for my work on monday.

    any help would be appreciated,

    - THC
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    Talking Re: Starpad 7 bricked after factory reset [android 4.0.3]

    Hi, I have the same problem, started playing up, I.E the home screen wouldn't load or scroll the page and sometimes the mouse wouldn't move. So i decided to restore the tablet but like you the tablet booted, then sat on the same screen for ages. Gave up, switched it off to see if a reboot would work. Nothing now sat on the same startup screen with a message at the top left in red. saying 'Boot into recovery mode..' Getting pretty anoyed with it now as only used for about 3 months. tech are pretty useless at cambridge sciences. A spoof company i think, their forum doesn't even work on their website.. If you managed to get this working them please let me kow what you did?


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    Default Re: Starpad 7 bricked after factory reset [android 4.0.3]

    Just had the same problem managed to get back in by connecting to my laptop through USB eventually my external SD card shows up in windows explorer with the screen of the Starpad showing the connection options for USB. Select the debug USB and then go back to your laptop and restart explorer. You should now see that the internal SD card is also listed and you are able to access the files on the tablet... unpug the usb cable from the tablet and with a bit of luck you should be up and running again.

    Hope it works for you


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