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    Default Medion Lifetab E7312 (MD 98488) at Aldi

    Aldi is planning to sell the MEDION® LIFETAB® E7312 (MD 98488) tomorrow (Sunday) for $99.99. (or maybe Dec 11th, not clear...)

    I haven't heard of this unit before. I have had Medion computers in the past (through Aldi). Has anyone had experience with this tablet? When I did a quick Google search, I only seem to be hitting German sites. I have the HiSense Pro from Walmart, but I'm curious about this unit too.
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    Default Re: Medion Lifetab E7312 (MD 98488) at Aldi

    I was wondering about this tablet also. Same thing happened to me when I searched
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    Default Re: Medion Lifetab E7312 (MD 98488) at Aldi

    I have one.

    I'll be posting a review next weekend, but the tl;dr version is that this tablet has excellent benchmark results but suffers from bloatware, poor cameras, and limited battery life (under 3 hours).

    Edit: It's also set so the default screen orientation has the buttons on the underside. This can cause issues with some apps like Angry birds.

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    Default Re: Medion Lifetab E7312 (MD 98488) at Aldi

    I have had one for a couple of weeks, and will keep it. I had some problems, since it is my first tablet, but called the number on the back of the tablet, and talked to tech support in the UK. They got me straightened around. I am using it as an ereader primarily, but do check my two email accounts, the weather, and play freecell.
    It is definitely adequate for my needs.
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    Default Re: Medion Lifetab E7312 (MD 98488) at Aldi

    I bought the Meidion Lifetab E7312 about 10 days ago from ALDI, and so far I like it... I have had to call the toll free number for support 3 times (I think) and each time the problem was solved within minutes...

    If you are on a budget, and can still find one at the 'nice price', I recommend it...



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