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    Default Irulu Sd Card Question

    So I see that the tablet I bought for my kid only has 500mb of usable memory for apps. That will be gone 10 minutes into her having it. Can I put apps on the sd card and run them from it? And if so, will they still be shown on the home screen? I am super disappointed with my first android purchase in many years.

    I've seen that I can't run apps from it and that I can. And I might have to root but I might not have to root. I have no problem doing it. Did it to my droid back when I had it. Did it to my nook and jailbroke my iPod. I have no aversion to doing what I need to do but someone please tell me if it will even work.

    500 mb is pathetic.

    FYI running jelly bean 4.2.2
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    Welcome to Android Central! Yes, that is unfortunately the major drawback of the more inexpensive off-brand Android devices--very low internal storage. If the device is running an Android version prior to Honeycomb (i.e., 2.3 or less), you should be able to move part of an app to the external SD card (under Settings>Apps​), but you can't move the entire app, because some of it needs to stay in the App Storage partition in order to function properly. You will probably also have problems installing any large apps, because they won't be able to fit initially in App Storage.

    Sorry, just saw that you're running Jellybean. So you can't install apps to external SD.

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