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    Default Best BYOP for straight talk?

    Anyone know whats the best phone to bring to straight talk? I lvoe my verizon S3, but it only gets Edge internet because its a global phone.
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    Default Re: Best BYOP for straight talk?

    First off with straight talk you have to decide if you want to use the T-mobile network or the AT&T network because they offer service on both in most locations. It depends on what city you are in and who has the best coverage. However when I brought my Nexus 4 to straight talk the only option was T-mobile but that was fine because I am in Atlanta and T-mobile has very fast HSPA+ speeds in Atlanta which is what the Nexus 4 supports (No LTE on the Nexus 4).

    As for phones to bring to straight talk pretty much any phone that works on tmobile or at&t should work in theory. If you are looking to buy new this is what I would recommend:

    1. The Nexus 5 ($349 purchase directly from Google) - Excellent phone with LTE support. dont need to say much more. there is plenty of info on the Nexus 5 out there on the internet.

    2. The just announced Huawei Mate 2 ($299 purchase directly from Huawei) - This phone is unlocked and off contract just like the Nexus 5 and comes with a SIM card for tmobile or at&T (although to get it to work on straight talk you will still probably have to buy one of there SIM cards). It has a 6.1" screen (great if you are into BIG phones, and perhaps most impressive a massive 3900 mAH battery which should provide some of the best battery life out there of any phone period).

    3. Moto X - purchase the unlocked no-contract GSM version for use on straight talk. Motorola and other outlets are constantly offering deals on this phone so it can be had for anywhere from $299 - $379.

    4. Finally if you want something cheaper than $300 look for a used Nexus 4 on ebay, amazon, etc. It's a great phone and because its a Nexus you will always get the latest OTA Android upgrades quickly. It can probably be had on Amazon or elsewhere for under $250 depending on the condition of course as it will be used.
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    Default Re: Best BYOP for straight talk?

    NEXUS 5 hands down.

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    Default Re: Best BYOP for straight talk?

    Nexus 5 on at&t lte sim card. Must buy

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    Default Re: Best BYOP for straight talk?

    I am using an unlocked AT&T Optimus G Pro on ST and am loving it. I moved from an unlocked Vibrant to an unlocked Nitro HD to the OGP. Awesome phone and awesome 4G for way less.

    You can find OGP's on Swappa for 180+. We worth the money.
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    Default Re: Best BYOP for straight talk?

    Check out the Moto G LTE as well. Great device for a solid and fair price. But rather than go with ST I'd look at Cricket. Unless you want faster download speeds I guess.
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    Default Re: Best BYOP for straight talk?

    Nexus 4. I'm using this set up right now. I got mine for $180 (coming from a Sprint G Nexus). This has been the best decision I've made in a while.

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