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    Default Who have a zte warp 4g lte boostmobile

    If u do have this phone i already have the root guide and is easy

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    Default Re: Who have a zte warp 4g lte boostmobile

    Hey, can you post or send me the guide? I've been looking for one since I've seen the ZTE stormer/ aka N9520 which I guess is going to be the "warp 2". I was hoping the root method for the warp might work for the stormer.
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    Default Re: Who have a zte warp 4g lte boostmobile

    To root the ZTE Stormer all you need is a pc program called Klingo. Google and download for free. Used it last njght rooted in a matter of seconds. Very easy plug your phone to pc make sure you have usb debugging on and click root!! That simple.

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