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    Question zte valet lock screen help

    ive had the zte valet for over a month and i cant figure out how to remove the current lock screen and replace it with just a sliding lock screen. ive used other jelly bean phones that dont have these setting and they just had slide unlock and thats what i want. not this long press unlock here are some pics to explain

    here is my lock screen with some preinstalled app that is a pain and i hate it also
    zte valet lock screen help-screenshot_2013-11-07-11-46-24.png

    here are my options via settings
    zte valet lock screen help-screenshot_2013-11-07-15-04-20.png

    i want something like this please!
    zte valet lock screen help-2012-06-28-17.32.433.png

    any help would be awesome
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    Default Re: zte valet lock screen help

    Quote Originally Posted by Corelogik View Post
    I have a ZTE Savvy and I have the same lock screen. From what I can gather from looking around, those of us with ZTE phones don't seem to have the option for a regular slide to unlock. It's long press or the other options. Those other icons you see, are quick launch icons to launch apps from the lock screen. They can be set to almost whatever you want in the Mi-EasyAccess app in the app drawer.

    A third party launcher like Apex or some of the others, MAY be able to change that, but I haven't tried it. The press to unlock seems to be a built in ZTE feature.
    sorry for the late reply, thanks for the help i just had to get a different phone to many issues with the valet

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