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    Default ZTE Supreme - how to move music to external sd card?

    Hi there! My daughter is getting error messages on her ZTE Supreme phone that she doesn't have enough memory. She has a 32GB external sd card in there, but it seems that the phone keeps putting everything on the internal sd. I did manage to move a couple of apps over, but she still has about 29GB available, and yet is still getting error messages and can't download any new music. I have tried and tried to figure out how to move her music to the external sd card, but haven't had much luck other than finding info about getting a file manager app.

    I did get the x-plore file manager app, but I can't even figure out how to use it. I'm not interested in rooting her phone because I don't know enough about how it works and I'm afraid I would really mess things up if I did that.
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    Default Re: ZTE Supreme - how to move music to external sd card?

    Have you connected the phone to a PC with the USB cable and browsed the phone with your PC and Windows Explorer?
    You should be able to easily create a music folder on the external SD card and then move all the music on the phone over to the external SD card.

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