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    Default SGS2/Photon4G? Also-Worth going sprint? Is Wimax dead?

    Hey guys,
    This is going to be my first smartphone purchase, and I kinda want to get a high end one. I'm on T-mo right now, in Philly(no complaints about service), and am thinking of switching to Sprint, primarily because of their unlimited plans. I would also prefer a worldphone, (atleast with that option) because I travel to India once/twice a year and would like to keep the same phone there.
    My question is this - Is it worth spending $200 for the Photon now, since Sprint pretty much announced that Wimax support was going to stop on 2012 as they switch to LTE? Or would it be better to got for the Epic 4G touch (Both phones look awesome, the SGS2's screen looks better, but I've heard Moto's radios/build is way better, plus the Photon has the Sim card slot)
    What do you guys say?
    Also, there's the issue of ICS update for the photon (no news from moto on that yet)
    So, what do you guys say?
    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: SGS2/Photon4G? Also-Worth going sprint? Is Wimax dead?

    They way I've heard it...Sprint has extended the WiMAX deal to make it last longer. Go for the E4GT vs. the Moto, I've never been a fan of their phones or the way they lock bootloaders. Anyway, I can just about guarantee the Samsung will bring ICS to this bad boy because they remember what happened last time with the whole GS Gingerbread was terrible. Especially for the OG Epic owners, who just now have a stable OTA build of Froyo to use. A buddy of mine recently got it and let me tell is a beast.
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    Depends on what you want.

    World Phone - Photon
    Build Quality - Photon
    Gaming - Photon
    Better radios - Photon
    Screen - Epic Touch
    Camera - Epic Touch
    Multimedia - Epic Touch
    Widgets - Epic Touch

    I like the Photon better because it simply works better as a phone and has superior signal strength when it comes to 3G, Wimax, and Wifi.

    As for gaming, yes the Galaxy S 2 does better at synthetic benchmarks, but in the real world, Tegra phones get better support through Tegra Zone and THD (Tegra HD) optimized version of games that look and play better than the Galaxy S 2 running the standard version of the game, and you get access to the Tegra exclusive games on top.

    However, I cannot deny that the Galaxy S 2 has the better screen, camara and multimedia features. The Samsung apps and widgets are better quality, and you'll find yourself hunting for better multimedia apps on the market by going with the Photon.

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