Currently have an S4 Google Play Edition. It is however not always very stable and has some bugs. I never had an issue with my Nexus 4 or any other Nexus device so I may consider going back to the Nexus phone family. What I want to know is:

1. How well does grooveip/google voice work with the Nexus 5. Audio with the S4GE is damn near perfect in groove ip and required nothing except mic and speaker volume adjustment. My Nexus 4 however was a mess of echos with any settings. I know Google is going to phase out groove probably in favor of their own offering but I need it to work until then.

2. How is the camera? It has less MP than the S4 but are they good quality. The S4 is great outside but is a bit poor indoors or in low light. I supposed the regular S4 camera is the same so that could serve as comparison as well.