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    Default Which OEM are you more loyal or supportive of ?

    Maybe your a Samsung fan, maybe a HTC fan or even LG, Sony, Moto.. Whatever the case we'd love to hear your comments and thoughts behind it..
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    Default Re: Which OEM are you more loyal or supportive of ?

    I am not loyal to any brand per se. I just want the device that best fits my needs.

    Personally I have a gotten a phones from a variety of manufacturers including Samsung, HTC, lg, Motorola, and Palm.

    I bought the HTC Thunderbolt because it had 4GLTE. I got the HTC Rezound because it had a great hd screen and good radio. Got my Samsung Galaxy S3 because Verizon wasn't allowing you to keep unlimited data and upgrade, plus the increase in screen size is nice. Got my Samsung Galaxy Note II because I wanted an even bigger screen. Got my note 3 because I wanted aws.

    I would consider what options are available when I upgrade next, either the note 4 or one of its competitors depending on what is available.

    dpham00, Android Central Moderator
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    Default Re: Which OEM are you more loyal or supportive of ?

    Like dpham00, I'm not loyal to any particular OEM. I'm open to any. Where the rubber meets the road though is who makes a device that best fits my needs and wants. So far that has been Samsung, primarily because they still have user-replaceable batteries in their phones. That's a must have for me!

    Also, since I've gotten the Note 2, I've grown very fond of the S-Pen, as well as the larger screen size, so those factor in as well. Again in favor of Samsung. I don't intend for it to be that way, it's just how it plays out for what I need/want.

    One last consideration for me is carrier; is the device available on Verizon? If not, I can't consider it as I strongly believe a carrier's network and coverage are more important than the device itself. Verizon simply provides the best coverage for my needs and I still have grandfathered unlimited data.
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    Default Re: Which OEM are you more loyal or supportive of ?

    Very much agreed. I wanted the og Note but it wasn't available on Verizon. Also the replaceable battery ranks high on my list

    dpham00, Android Central Moderator
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    Default Re: Which OEM are you more loyal or supportive of ?

    As I have developed for HTC devices for a while, I have grown accustomed to them. While I'm not necessarily loyal to them, I will protect their brand because they do make some really great phones (software wise at least >.<). I think my next venture will be Sony devices...

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