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    Default How do you charge your phone?

    I think most charge by cable but personally I like wireless charging. I can set it on the charging pad at night and have a full charge by morning. In the past I have knocked over my phone at night, so wireless charging helps so that my phone isn't swinging off of the charging cable like a pendulum.

    Also at work when I have to leave my desk often, wireless charging allows me to just pick up the phone without worrying about the cord.

    Now the downside is that wireless charging on my note 3 is slower than by cable so if need a quick boost, I will plug it in.

    What about you? How do you charge your phone? I know only mentioned by cable or wireless, but I know some people have an external charger and will just swap batteries.

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    Default Re: How do you charge your phone?

    Note 3: I use the charging cable either plugged in at home or in my car charger or in my Samsung battery pack.
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    Default Re: How do you charge your phone?

    Not a fan of wireless charging as it's too inefficient; takes too long to charge and a lot of its energy is wasted as heat.

    I prefer to use an external charger and a spare battery (see below) and swap batteries as needed. Keeps my phone unencumbered by any type of cable. The only time I might connect a cable is to transfer data to or from my PC. But I tend to do that over Wi-Fi to my home NAS (Network attached storage) with ES File Explorer.

    When I go somewhere away from home for an extended period of time or when the extra capacity might be needed, I'll bring the external charger and spare battery along and keep it plugged in (even in the car via a car charger). I like the setup as there is always a fully charged spare ready to go, as well as it drastically reduces wear and tear on the phone's USB port and its internal electronics (ex. no heat build up from charging). Worse case, if you're not careful, you may need a new battery door (about $10).

    Samsung Note 2 Stand and Spare Battery Charger (3100mAh Battery Included)

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