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    Default IMO Moto X > G3

    Before I start, I'll disclose that the Moto X may be my favorite phone ever and it will take an exceptional phone to make me want to stop using it. After using the G3 for 5 days or so, I've decided I'm returning it and getting my upgrade back. I can honestly say that for my use, the G3 doesn't have or do anything better than the Moto X. The screen is nice but I'm on the side that says the 720p of the Moto X is plenty good enough. I might miss the camera a bit but I'm not a huge picture taker anyway.

    The main two reasons for going back are signal strength and active notifications. I don't have great signal in my living room but the Moto X still holds the low signal. The G3 would totally drop to no connection for long periods of time.
    The notification LED on the G3 is so minimal, I would always miss it. With my Moto X sitting on my desk in front of me I see the active notifications light up immediately.

    The G3 was the first phone I ever pre-ordered online without playing with it in the store first. I wouldn't say I'm disappointed in the phone itself, I really wanted to love the phone. The UI of the G3 really didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. Same with the buttons on the back. I wasn't a big fan of the overall size of the phone but it does look nice and has a solid build. I owned a Note 2 and really don't want to go back to that big of a phone again. I'll just keep waiting and see what the next Nexus or the X+1 brings.
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    Default Re: IMO Moto X > G3

    Interesting. I'm in the same boat as you except I own a Nexus 5. I love the Nexus, have no issues with it but like you am intrigued by the LG G3. I have played with it in the store but am still undecided. While the phone is beautiful it MAY be a bit big for my liking. It seems a lot of the major android OEM's are going the bigger is better route while I don't agree. I am very fond of the size of the moto x and the N5 and feel that is the perfect size but that's just my opinion

    While I still have not made a final decision, I too maybe leaning on waiting to see what the moto x+1 or the next nexus brings and passing on the G3. Decisions, decisions........
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    Default Re: IMO Moto X > G3

    I have a note 2 and played with the g3 today at the store. I really liked it especially the size. I liked how it the same 5.5 as my note 2 but in a smaller package. But I found myself thinking I wish it had moto x features.

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    Default Re: IMO Moto X > G3

    I love my X and also played with the G3 - I think I'm okay with moving on, but not on anything that feels the slightest like a sidegrade.
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    Default Re: IMO Moto X > G3

    Everyone has different things that they like in phones. I don't really like the screen of the moto X the 720p screen bothers me . Plus I mostly watch videos on my phone so I would rather have the bigger screen of the G3. Plus the camera is much better. I think the Moto X is better software wise but I think the G3 is a better phone. The Moto X could be better for your use though. They are both great phones.

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