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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    This is a photo of one of the older courthouses in the county. This shot was located in Newnan, Ga at a courthouse built around 1833. It served as the county seat, a civil war hospital and more over its life. This was shot at dusk using the HD setting on my HTC One and uploaded to G+ photos. I did use the "enhance" photo feature and here's the result! Weekly Photo Contest: Time-newnan-ga-courthouse-circa-1833.jpg
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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    Weekly Photo Contest: Time-imag1118_burst002_1_3.jpg

    Retronome with my metronome. #time. I don't check the time, I keep it.
    Taken on HTC EVO 4G LTE on Sprint, edited with snapseed
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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    While this might seem simplistic and insignificant, the significance of this time is priceless. It's the hospital cablebox clock edited with PaperArtist to remove all background images. Taken with my S3. 12:19 AM is the time my son was born. It is a time permanently burned in my heart.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Time-paperartist_2013-10-03_00-36-40.jpg  
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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    here's to the good times.
    taken with samsung galaxy s4 (flourescent white balance, +1 EV)
    Weekly Photo Contest: Time-goodtimes.jpg
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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    Taken with a Samsung Galaxy s3, edited with Snapseed

    Weekly Photo Contest: Time-20131005_165811_1_1.jpg
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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    Interior design from the past, used today.

    Weekly Photo Contest: Time-35275512aa8511e2a13a22000aaa05ca_7.jpg

    Taken with a Nexus 4 through Instagram.
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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    Weekly Photo Contest: Time-wdwmainstreet.jpg
    This image of the mass of people leaving Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom represents time on many levels. First is the time of night it was taken. Second is how long it will take to get out of the park and third is why didn't I time my departure from the park better. Taken last week on vacation with a Galaxy Note 2, stock camera app, and no enhancements unless Google did something to it (auto backup).
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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    Time ... great subject for photography...I don't live near the Big Ben or any other great or well known time piece or clock.

    However I think we have all been forced into an awareness concerning time. When to get up and get somewhere on time, turning homework in on time so there are no penalties, projects at work to be turned in on time, waiting for others due to lack of time management, missing a plane(twice and once an international flight) due to not being there on time, obligations at home ...dinner, laundry, date nights, church getting there on time, out on time, meetings and reports on time. Lastly, making time out for yourself.
    Over the years I have had many watches, which I still all but one(it was stolen from me in the late 80's..I bought it in 75 for $300..paid on it through layaway, special ordered it because I was allergic to back cases on watches, 14K yellow gold, stolen when I forgot to put back in case by ex-boyfriends workers in our house, appraised and valued at the time at $2800...had my initials engraved on back. STOLEN and broke by heart).

    In order are my watches including my first, a pendant from my father, it needs a new chain and it was painted bright green, my first purchase, a watch Timex and I recently replaced the band for $10.00, I only paid less than $25 for the watch, fad watches, 2 watches from former employees, several watches I bought to help control my weight/health, and church watches in gold, black and white ceramic. I've kept them all for the memories and to be on time to appointments. Guess what? Unless it's work, I'm still not there exactly on time! Not bragging, just need watch batteries!
    For the particulars of this contest I used my Samsung Galaxy S3 to take this picture on a light green sage cover on my bed.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Time-20131008_113259.jpg  
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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    Weekly Photo Contest: Time-img_20131008_125127.jpg

    Passing time on my lunch break. The watch was a gift from my Mom when I graduated High School some time ago. I have worn it pretty much everyday since then. Reminds me of her.
    Thanks AC!

    -Taken with Nexus 4, stock BW Filter and some minor contrast and shadow tweaks with the stock photo editing.
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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    This was taken at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Coffee Shop. Few people notice this piece (mostly because it's in the coffee shop), but its a clock that syncs with the rhythms of the sun and tells the time based on the percentage of sunlight that has passed in a day.

    0%= Sunrise
    99.99%= Sunset

    An interesting perspective on measuring the passage of time. I also like this picture because the angle of the ceiling lights reminds me of the phases of the moon, with full in the middle, shrinking to crescents on each side.

    Taken on my Galaxy S3, edited with Snapseed.

    Weekly Photo Contest: Time-img_20131007_165530.jpg
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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    Here's what I use to keep time, my basses. Both are Fender Jazz basses, one fretted and the other fretless. They have gotten me through many gigs and they are dear to my heart.
    Taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3.
    Weekly Photo Contest: Time-basses-.jpg
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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    Spent some time messing around with a DIY watch kit, here it is on my messy work space. Photo taken with Galaxy Note II touched up by snapseed
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Time-20131008_124928_lls_1.jpg  
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    Default Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    Taken with HTC One, edited with Repix pro filter. Uploaded it to imgur Cuz I'm a noob.
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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    "On Time"

    Few places are more time-centric than train stations and airports. This platform clock, shot with my Nexus 4 at Acton Town Underground Station, helps commuters as they rush between home and work. The London Underground itself represents a system that has stood the test of time. The Tube has been in use continuously for a century and a half; this station, Acton Town, opened in 1879! Of course, the Underground has seen its share of expansions; the CCTV camera is a reflection of modern times, keeping a watchful eye on crowds by the seconds, minutes, and days. The camera also provides an interesting juxtaposition against the heritage of the rest of the station.

    Shot with a Nexus 4, edited with Snapseed, resized with Photoshop
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Time-img_2013_0608_web.jpg  
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    Default Re: Weekly Photo Contest: Time

    Morning coffee on my day off. Photo was taken with Samsung Galaxy S3. Unedited picture.Weekly Photo Contest: Time-20131008_155324.jpg

    ***How can I rotate the picture on here? It looks right on my Google Drive***
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