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    Default Re: Photo Sphere tips

    ThatAdamGuy, I have been wondering if it's possible to do an "inverted" 3D image. I'll explain:

    A photosphere gives a 3D image as if you were standing inside the view; the effect is that the picture is all around you. (Compliments and thanks to everyone in the team for developing this lovely feature.)

    What I would like to be able to do is to take a 3D picture of an object from its outside, e.g. a small statue, an insect on a leaf, or a lampshade. (Obviously, in most cases it would not be possible to photograph underneath the object. That area would be left black in such cases.) The effect would be that you are moving around the picture instead of standing inside it.

    It would allow the viewer to examine the object from all angles as if he were there.

    I have spent some time Googling this, but I cannot find any examples of this, or even what it would be called, much less how it could be done.

    Is this possible on a modern Android phone?

    EDIT: This does seem possible with the right app. I discovered Camera3D, which gives 3D images, but only in one direction (i.e. left-to-right, not up and down). It's not quite what I'm looking for, but it will do.
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    Default Re: Photo Sphere tips

    Photo Sphere doesn't work for me... I take all the photos ok and the camera says it is stitching the photo sphere but it doesn't form the actual photo sphere. Instead all I get is a folder with all the individual photos...am I doing something wrong?
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