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    Default Looking to get a Vita at some point

    I am considering picking up a vita soon, either new or used, does't matter. The reason I am interested in one is because of the PS4 and the ability to play your PS4 games on the go and that really interests me big time. Anyways, should I get one? Are there a fair share of games for it? I'm not sure if I really will get many games for it as I am more intrigued by the whole second screen or whatever they're calling it now. So I'd be happy playing PS4 games on the go.
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    Default Re: Looking to get a Vita at some point

    Do you have PS+?

    You can get a lot of free games that way. There are some good games out there.
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    Default Re: Looking to get a Vita at some point

    If you can hold out till April then you could get borderlands 2 bundle

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    Default Re: Looking to get a Vita at some point

    the vita is great especially when your traveling... it makes the flight or commute not so bad

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