Hey people.
First of all, I want to make clear that Iím a proud Android user, and that I have pretty much come to love my HTC Desire Z, which I will definitely replace with the new Nexus device if it is as great as the rumorís announce it. I have this crazy craving for some Ice Cream Sandwich with 720p on top.
And second of all :P, this is a forum where I can find people that share what I like in my Smartphone and basically understands the passion I fell about the piece of technology that I carry around in my pocket all day.
I somewhat believe that Androidís main advantage, has come to be its biggest flaw. And by this I mean: CHOICE.
The huge market of consumers out there want something that fits AND fills their needs, and with the enormous pool of options you find on Android now a days, you juts fall in a vicious circle which you become addicted to.
You have all these manufacturers, devices, UIs and specially ROMS (that god dammed ROM Manager that simply becomes your best friend) that get you all junkie with the questions: whatís best? Whatís next? Should I wait for this or that announcement? Would this kernel work best with my ROM? Which Launcher is cooler? That leaves you with a bittersweet taste of having something incomplete.
My perfect Android is that Feature from HTC Sense, combined with MiUIís launcher completed with Cyanogen Modís customization of gestures, and so onÖ which drives you to just end up wanting more!
And I think there is where iOS succeeds in customer satisfaction. The iPhoneÖ iOS is all there is. You get that or you get nothing. So customers fell happy. Because they donít have choice. They are complete.
I donít know if I made my point, but let me know what you think.