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    Exclamation ICS update fails. No matter what.

    I know there are a handful of threads like this already. None of them helped.

    Originally I had been running the most recent Gingerbread Eclipse ROM through safestrap. I kept my stock ROM operational, rooted, and complete with bloatware. Now when I went to update, I disabled SafeBoot, and ran the update through the Stock ROM.

    As many of you know, this got me a big fat "Update Failed" about 1/3 of the way through.

    So! I tried the following things:
    - Removing the Eclipse ROM
    - Removing Safestrap
    - Factory Resetting (from both the boot menu and from the settings)
    - Temporarily hiding root with Voodoo
    - Using the Droid RAZR Utility to re-flash the stock ROM
    - Using the DRU to un-root.

    Nothing. Six hours of work and I've still got a big fat "Update Failed!"

    If ANYONE has encountered this level of difficulty, or has anything to help, please tell me. I don't have a replacement plan on my phone, and I'm not going to bootstrap an ICS ROM. I'm not that talented.
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    Default Re: ICS update fails. No matter what.

    Did you succeed yet?
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    Default Re: ICS update fails. No matter what.

    If you're still not really happy with it, search for Matt's Razr Utility v.1.81,
    set it up, and you can fix most anything. It unborked mine after I made it
    unable to boot up. Also installs factory ROMS for you.
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    No joke i told Verizon ics messed my RAZR up, got a brand new one three days later....idk tho i tried everything and couldn't fix my old one. You wipe everything?

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    Default Re: ICS update fails. No matter what.

    I got my Bionic update pop up 3 days ago.
    Im rooted with stock ROM. and no Love.
    running 5.9.902 ( gingerBread and would like to get to ICS.
    It has been too long since I rooted tha tI dont recall if I used Pete's or 1-click-exploit.

    tried to install safestrap-ICS- 3.05.apk and get an error "There is a problem parsing the package" Is this because its meant for ICS?

    im kinda lost and need some help getting to ICS since Vz is blocking updates to rooted phones.


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