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    Default [rom][gsm][cm10.1][4.2.1] bdh rom (12/19/2012)

    BDH ROM is a CM10 (GSM Version) compiled from dhacker and Hashcode0f's 4.2.1 source. Thank you dhacker and Hashcode0f for the base builds and for everything else you do to help everyone! Thank you to "clau_la2" for the GSM build.prop!

    Thank You's:
    andlaw for teaching me so much along the way and for being the other half of the 808 BoyZ! Your Black Widow builds have inspired and amazed all of us!
    mattlgroff for giving me little hints and tips throughout and for being an inspiration.
    Vantenkeist for being a true friend and always being there to talk to.
    The Oracle (Gerland) for always asking if there's something new to flash lol. Also for being a friend and keeping me on my toes!

    More Thank You's for various reasons:

    If you would like to throw me some money for my site, please click the "Donate to me" button above my avatar!!! Also, if you donate, you're entitled to the following perks:

    1. Download links for updates will be PM'd to you before they are posted.
    2. A chance to test any ROMs, Themes or projects that I'm working on.
    3. Your name added to every OP as a "contributor."

    The Oracle (Gerland)

    Myself, rom-spot.com, dhacker, hashcode0f, nor anyone else, is responsible if your device starts a nuclear war.

    BDH ROM Features:
    Completely Stable Data
    CPU Sleeper
    Apex Launcher
    Google Music
    Apollo Music App
    AdFree Android
    SMS Flash (Like SMS Popup)
    Full init.d support
    T-Mobile Theme Chooser Engine
    Kernel Logging Disabled for speed
    Removed bug2go.sh file
    Increased Dalvik VM Heap for more speed
    Improved Scrolling
    Changed default GPS Servers to Google (faster and more accurate lock-on)
    init.d Battery Tweaks and much much more!

    Before Flashing:
    Make sure you have the latest version of Safestrap!!! No other recovery is supported!

    What Works?
    Most stuff

    (Camera may be iffy should definitely work)
    Phone calls cannot be answered unless phone is set to vibrate
    MMS does not work (supposedly installing the Verizon Messaging app helps with that)
    ROM must be installed into ROM Slot 1

    1. Download ROM
    2. Download Gapps Package
    3. Place both zip files on sdcard
    4. Reboot into recovery
    5. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
    6. Wipe Cache Partition
    7. Wipe Dalvik Cache
    8. Flash ROM
    9. Flash JB Gapps
    10. Reboot

    Make sure you install this ROM into ROM Slot 1
    Download BDH ROM CM10 (GSM) 4.2.1:
    • Login

    Download JB Gapps Package:
    Goo.im Downloads - Downloading gapps-jb-20121212-signed.zip

    If you like my work, please click the "THANKS" button!!!

    - - - Updated - - -

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